List of Other Canadian Indigenous Veterans

Native Soldiers, Foreign Battlefields

Cameron Brant (WW1)
Was a pilot whose plane was shot down in the battle of Ypres.

Cpl Francis Peghamagbow (WW1)
Dedicated three times for his marksmanship and scouting skills.

Henry Louis Norwest (WW1)
Famous Métis Canadian sniper who had 115 confirmed kills in WW1.

Charles Henry Byce (WW2). Earned both the Distinguished Conduct Medal and the Military Medal in World War 2.

Joe Dreaver (WW2)
Chief of the Mistawasis Cree Band served in both World Wars.

Willard John Bulduc (WW2)
Earned the Distinguished Flying Cross for his service as an air gunner in World War 2.

Thomas “Tommy” George Prince (WW2)
Served with an elite joint Canadian/American unit called the 1st Special Service, where he displayed valiant and brave war efforts.

Oliver Milton Martin (WW2 and Korean War)
Reached the rank of Brigadier, the highest rank ever held by a Canadian Indigenous person.

Gilbert Monture (WW2)
Mohawk Doctor from the Six Nations Reserve who was highly educated and served as an executive office in World War 2.

David George Greyeyes (WW2)
A grain farmer from Saskatchewan who became a respected officer in Europe during World War 2.

George Edward “Ted” Jamieson (Korean War)
Dedicated Naval Officer during the Korean War who specialized in anti-submarine warfare.

Ronald Lowry (Korean War)
Served the Submarine Nootka as a sonar operator and was the only Indigenous person on-board the submarine.

Veterans Obudsman, Government of Canada

Reverend James H. Brown
LCdr (Retired) The Reverend James H. Brown is a Roman Catholic priest, ordained in 1995, Archdiocese of Ottawa. He was born in Toronto and grew up in Scarborough, where he attended primary and secondary school. He graduated from Trinity College, University of Toronto, with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Master of Divinity (MDiv) in 1980.

James joined the Reserves, 7th Toronto Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery (RCA) in 1971 and transferred to the Regular Force Chaplain’s Branch in 1985. His military career took him all across Canada, serving with all three services. He was deployed with the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) and Army, having served in Afghanistan from January to September 2008. While serving with Maritimes Forces Pacific (MARPAC), he was the Admiral’s advisor on Indigenous affairs.

James completed courses in conflict resolution and alcohol and substance abuse, and Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD), and was active on the Defence Aboriginal Advisory Group. In 2005, he was selected by the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) to be the Chaplain for the Aboriginal Spiritual Journey to the cemeteries and battlefields of WW1 and WW2.

He was married in 1982, and he and his wife have three grown children, and one grandchild. James retired from the position of 1st Brigade Chaplain and the CAF in February 2013, and currently resides with his wife in Fairview, Prince Edward Island (PEI).

Luc O’Bomsawin
Luc O’Bomsawin served in the Canadian Forces for eight years.

Luc is the President and Director of the Quebec chapter of the National Aboriginal Veterans Association and the Quebec representative for the Assembly of First Nations of Quebec and Labrador.

Luc advocates for Aboriginal Veterans and their families, especially those living in remote communities with little access to health and home care services. He maintains communication with his area Members of Parliament in pursuit of fair treatment of Indigenous Veterans.

Outstanding Accomplishments- Veterans Affairs Canada

The First World War:

Cpl. Francis Pegahmagabow (Ojibwa, Parry Island Band, Ont.)
Henry Louis Norwest (Métis (French-Cree) marksman, Fort Saskatchewan, AB)
Chief Alexander George Smith & Thomas Charles Longboat (Onondaga, Six Nations Grand River Reserve)
Edith Anderson Monture (Six Nations Grand River Reserve)

The Second World War:

Jack Beaver (Mississauga Indian, Alderville Band)
Nelson Shead (Fish River Indian Band, Selkirk, MB)
Charles Bryce (Chapeau, Ontario)

List of Canadian Métis and Inuit Veterans – to come

Manitoba’s Aboriginal Roll of Honour
First World War, 1914–1918
Pte Asham, Kenneth McClure
Pte Bignell, Paul
Pte Blackface, George
Pte Bone, Antoine
Pte Brown, George
Spr Chartrand, Alfred
Pte Chaske, John
Pte Cochrane, Percy
Pte Constant Lazarus
Pte Cook, Albert
Pte Cook, Reynold
Pte Crate, Andrew
Pte Crate, Willis
Pte Cromarty, George
Pte Cromarty, Murde
Pte Donald, Walter Nomey
Pte Demery, Baptiste
Cpl Desjarlais, Gilbert
Pte Desjarlais, Herbert
Pte Evans, Thomas Charles
Pte Flett, Alexander Samuel
Pte Flett, George
Pte Flett, Solomon George
Pte Highway, James
Pte Kaste, Thomas
Pte. Keeper, Joe
Pte Keeper, Walter
Pte Kippling, Robert Edward
Pte Lariviere, Philippe
Pte Lathlin, Richard
Pte Laugher, Sandy
Pte McCorrister, Oswald
Pte McCorrister, William R.
Pte McDonald, Hugh John MM
Pte Menow John James
Pte Mitchell, Alexander
Pte Monias, John
Pte Moore, Gilbert
Pte Murdock, Amos
Pte Neckaway, Mathew
Pte Ouillette, Peter
Pte Paul, Joseph
Pte Richard, Roger Victor
Pte Robertson, John
Pte Robinson, Willie
Pte Sanderson, William
Pte Saunders, Alex
Pte Settee, Alfred
Pte Sinclair, George C.
Pte Sinclair, John George
Pte Sinclair, McIvor
Pte Smith, Benjamin
Pte Stevenson, George James
Pte St. Germain, Edmund
Pte Stranger, David William
Pte Swanson, Henry
Pte Swanson, Jude
Pte Taylor, John
Pte Thomas, David
Pte Thomas, John
Pte Vivier, Alexander
Pte Wesley, Charles
Pte Wesley, Thomas Alexander
Pte Whiskey, St. James
Pte Whiskeyjack Charles
Pte Young, Albert

Manitoba’s Aboriginal Roll of Honour
Second World War, 1939–45

Sgt Asham, Thomas W.
Pte Allen, Denny
Pte Anderson, J.G.
Pte Anderson, V.M.
Gnr Bangofske, P.
Pte Barron, Oliver Amy
Pte Bear, A.
Pte Bear, E.
Pte Bear, J.R.
Pte Bear, S.E.
Gnr Beardy, Rose
Pte Beardy, Sandy
Pte Bedard, H.
Pte Bird, E.
Pte Bird, J.
Pte Boychuk, S.
AS Buffie, A.E. (RCNVR)
Cpl Calder, H.W.
Pte Calder, M.R.
Pte Calder, T.
Tpr Carriere, Florio
Pte Carriere, Fredric
Pte Chaboyer, David
Pte Chartrand, Adelard Joseph
L/Sgt Chartrand, Lawrence
Rfn Chaske, Tom
Spr Chief, J.A.
Gnr Clemons, H.G.
Pte Clemons, L.W.R.
Pte Clemons, Mary
Bdr Crate, Leonard Victor
Pte Cromarty, H.
Pte Cromarty, R.
Pte Daoust, Paul
Pte Delorme, Manny
Pte Desjarlais, Eugene J.
Pte Duncan, Thomas
Pte Dunning, N.A.
Pte Erickson, H.T.
Rfn Fagnan, Anthony Alec
Pte Favel, R.
Pte Flamand, Frederick
Tpr Flett, Alfred James
Pte Flett, D.E.
Pte Flett, F.C.
Sgt Flett, G.E. (RCAF)
Pte Flett, H.W.
Pte Flett, J.H.J.
Pte Flett, R.
L/Sgt Genaille, John Henry
Tpr Goodman, J.R.
Rfn Guilboche, Lawrence R.
Pte Gunn, Sandy
Pte Harper, D.W.
Pte Harper, F.L.
Pte Harper, J.R.
Spr Heckett, J.
Pte Henry, Joseph
LAC Hudson, J.P.
Cpl Huzzy, A.
AC2 Huzzy, J. (RCAF)
LCpl Huzzy, V.H.
Pte Kipling, H.
Pte Kusyk, S.
Pte LaVallee, Ernest
Gnr Leclair, F.A.

Manitoba’s Aboriginal Roll of Honour
Second World War, 1939–45 (Cont’d)

Rfn Leclair, H.G.
Sgt Leclair, J.V.T.
Pte Leclair, L.S.
Pte Leclair, O.G.
Gnr Leclair, R.A.
Gnr Leclair, W.J.
Pte Leftuck, M.
Pte Lowe, John
Pte Mackintosh, C.
Pte Manitowski, Mike
Pte Manitowski, Martin
Pte Manitowski, S.
Tpr Maclazyn, J.
Sigm. Mayham, J.
Tpr Mayo, B.A.
Tpr Mayo, G.A.
Tpr McIvor, C.
Pte McKay, Joe W.
Pte McKay, Reuben
Pte McLeod, E.
Pte McLeod, Stan
Pte McLeod, Thomas
Pte Menow, John James
Rfn Mercier, Stanley Jones
Pte Miller, C.
Pte Queskekapow, Charles
Pte Queskekapow, John James
Rfn Riel, Roland David
Pte Robertson, Robert
Gnr Rowel, W.
Cpl Sage, R.O.
Pte Sanderson, Issac
Pte Scofield, Edith
Pte Scofield, G.
Pte Scribe, Kenneth
Pte Scribe, Murdo
Gnr Senkiw, W.
Pte Settee, Stanley
CPO Shead, Bill (RCNVR)
CPO Shead, Nelson (RCNVR)
CPO Shead, Harry (RCNVR)
Pte Sinclair, E.F.
Cpl Sinclair, E.J.
Pte Sinclair, Joseph William
Pte Sinclair, G.W. (Military Medal)
Pte Sinclair, H. (VGOC)
Pte Sinclair, Henry L.
Tpr Sinclair, M.C.
Pte Slipec, A.
Pte Slipetz, A.
Pte Sioux, Jean Joseph Anthony
Rfn Smith, C.
Pte Smith, C.H.
Pte Smith, D.E.
Pte Smith, G.S.
Pte Smith, H.
Cpl Smith, S.B. (RCAF)
AB Somerfield, (RCNVR)
Spr Spence, G.S.
Cpl Spence, John Robert
Pte Stevenson, Annie
Pte Stevenson, E.O
Sgt Stevenson, Lena
Pte Stevenson, Margaret
Pte Stevenson, O.
Bdr Stevenson, R.M.

Manitoba’s Aboriginal Roll of Honour
Second World War, 1939–45 (Cont’d)

Pte Stranger, A.L.
Pte Stranger, J.R.
Pte Stranger, M.K.
Rfn Sutherland, M.J.
Pte Thomas, James Oliver
L-cpl Thunder, Oliver Lawrence
LAC Toomba, W. (RCAF)
Rfn Welburn, Francis William
Pte Wesley, Charles
Pte Whitley, D.
Pte Wilson, Alphius
Pte Zaborguski, S.

Manitoba’s Aboriginal Roll of Honour
Korean War, 1950–1953

Pte Beardy, Sandy
Pte Budd, Kenneth
Pte Clemons, L.W.
Cpl Fontaine, Leon
Pte Guiboche, Stan
Pte Hart, James Robert
Pte Keeper, Joseph Irvin
Pte Mann, George
Pte McKay, Ruben F.
Pte McLeod, E.
Pte McLeod, Ernest
Pte Meeches, Arthur
Pte Myran, George
Sgt Prince, Thomas (Military Medal; Silver Star)