Francis Pegahmagabow (MM)

March 9, 1891 – August 5, 1952

Member of Canada’s Indian Hall of Fame, awarded the Military Medal plus two bars

“When I was at Rossport, on Lake Superior, in 1914, some of us landed from our vessel to gather blueberries near an Ojibwa camp. An old Indian recognized me, and gave me a tiny medicine bag to protect me, saying that I would shortly go into great danger.”

— Francis Pegahmagabow


  • The most highly decorated Canadian Indigenous veteran of the First World War – Francis Pegahmagabow, an Ojibwa man from the Parry Island Band in Ontario.
  • Enlisted with the 23rd Regiment (Northern Pioneers) in August 1914.
  • Renowned as a superior scout, superb marksman and outstanding sniper.
  • One of 39 members of the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) who received two bars to the Military Medal.
  • Responsible for capturing 300 enemy soldiers.
  • Became Chief of the Parry Island Band and later a Band Councillor.
  • A member of Canada’s Indian Hall of Fame.