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Tommy Prince Commemorative Project

These World Wide Web links are intended to provide assistance for people gathering knowledge on the incredible contributions and accomplishments of Tommy Prince and the many Indigenous Veterans of Canada. The links were recorded from December 2015 to March 2016, using the web search engine Google.

1. Tommy Prince: World Wide Web links

Courage and Honour: The Life of Thomas Prince
By Galadriel Watson

Decorated First Nations vet Tommy Prince embodied triumph, darkness of war
On 100th anniversary of Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, Prince’s legacy remembered
By Meagan Fiddler, CBC News, Aug 08, 2014

Tommy Prince
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Tommy Prince – The Canadian Encyclopedia
Thomas George Prince, war hero, Aboriginal advocate (born 25 October 1915 in Petersfield, MB; died 25 November 1977 in Winnipeg, MB). Tommy Prince was …

Prince of the Brigade – Native Soldiers – Foreign Battlefields …
Native Soldiers – Foreign Battlefields
Nov 10, 2014 – In the Devil’s Brigade, Tommy Prince became an expert in reconnaissance. He once posed as a local farmer to repair a severed …

Thomas Prince: Canada’s Forgotten Aboriginal War Hero
Sep 9, 2002 – By Lloyd Dohla. The ten war medals of Canada’s most decorated aboriginal war hero Sergeant Thomas George Prince, a veteran of WWII and …

Plan to raise ‘fallen’ hero Tommy Prince, whose statue was …
Mar 2, 2013 – When Donald Mackey started fundraising for a monument to honour war hero Sgt. Tommy Prince, he had no idea he’d still be doing it 16 years …

Tommy Prince – Airborne Association
SGT TOMMY PRINCE. One Of The Most Decorated Aboriginal War Veterans. Thomas George Prince was born 1915 at the Brokenhead First Nation and he was …

Tommy Prince WW2
11 months ago 2,760 views

11 months ago 1,818 views

Tommy Prince, Canadian Hero of War
4 years ago 10,557 views
The most decorated Canadian First Nations soldier of all time. “All my life I wanted to do something to help my people recover their …

Heritage Minutes: Tommy Prince
Historica Canada
1 month ago 433 views
A eulogy is given for Tommy Prince, Canada’s most-decorated Aboriginal war veteran. Heritage Minute Cast Tommy Prince …

JD Gordon – Ballad of Tommy Prince
JD Gordon
1 year ago1,092 views
Song written and performed by JD Gordon about the Canadian Sgt Tommy Prince.

Answer the Call – Sergeant Thomas Prince – February 8, 1944
6 years ago 3,561 views
A cunning and clever Tommy Prince goes behind enemy lines, poses as a farmer and fools the Germans. Classmates at Elmwood …

Ballad Of Tommy Prince
David Campbell
7 years ago2,142 views
Tommy Prince…Native Canadian from Manitoba…October 25th, 1915-to November 25th, 1977…was one of Canada’s most …

Honouring Indigenous Heroes: Tommy Prince Commemorative Project
Indigenous Courage
2 weeks ago28 views
Thomas George Prince was born on October 25th, 1915, and was a member of the Brokenhead Ojibway Nation, located 80 km …

Our Seven Ojibway Teachings:
Manitoba First Nation Elder Dave Courchene explains the origins and lessons of the First Nation Seven Teachings. The lessons of the Bear Spirit (Courage), the Beaver Spirit (Wisdom), the Eagle Spirit (Love), the Buffalo Spirit (Respect), the Sasquatch Spirit (Honesty), the Wolf Spirit (Humility) and the Turtle Spirit (Truth) are all retold in this 11 minute video in both English and Ojibway.

2.Tommy Prince Video links (French)

Minutes du patrimoine: Tommy Prince
Historica Canada
1 month ago, 29 views
Tommy Prince est l’ancien combattant autochtone le plus décoré. C’était également un homme brave et remarquable.

L’événement : Honorant les héros autochtones – Tommy Prince commémorative Project (en francais)
Indigenous Courage
2 days ago 2 views
Le 21 mars 2016, étudiants de partout dans la province se sont rassemblés dans le Centre autochtone de Winnipeg Rotunda de …

3. Aboriginal Veterans: World Wide Web Links

Aboriginal-Canadian Veterans – Remembering those who served
Mar 14, 2016 – History. Native Soldiers – Foreign Battlefields. Aboriginal-Canadians in the Second World War. Aboriginal Veterans. A Commemorative History of Aboriginal People in the Canadian Military. First Nations peoples, Métis and Inuit.

Canadian Aboriginal Veterans and Serving Members
Canadian Aboriginal Veteran Services and National Advocacy

Learn about: Indigenous veterans
Feb 25, 2016 – To honour Indigenous Canadians’ bravery, sacrifices and contributions to war and peace keeping missions, the National Aboriginal Veterans Memorial was unveiled on National Aboriginal Day in 2001. The monument represents all Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

New medallions honour veterans on National Aboriginal Veterans Day
Nov 8, 2015 – Nov. 8 is National Aboriginal Veterans Day. This year, thanks to Richard Blackwolf’s efforts, the Canadian Aboriginal Veterans and Serving …

Aboriginal Veterans Commemorative Pin – Poppy Store
The Royal Canadian Legion has chosen to recognize Canada’s Aboriginal Veterans and the significant contribution they have made through our long history …

In Uniform – First Nations Soldiers | Canada and the First World War
Federal policy extended many post-war benefits to Aboriginal veterans, but not as many as those accorded non-Aboriginals. Nor did the war herald a broader …

A to K – Aboriginal Veterans Honour List
WWII Métis Veteran George (Bud) Price* was killed in action, August 09, 1944. Joseph and Leonard died 1985 and abt 1998. *see photo on L-Z Honour List …

L to Z – Aboriginal Veterans Honour List
If you wish to nominate (submit) an Aboriginal Veteran to be placed on the Honour list, please respond via the submission form …

A Tribute to Our Heroes: Aboriginal Veterans Day | Journée dans anciens combattants autochtones
2 years ago 2,418 views
A Tribute to Our Heroes: Aboriginal Veterans Day | Journée dans anciens combattants autochtones | Footage of Canadian …

Aboriginal Veteran’s Day Ceremony
4 months ago 91 views
November 6th, 2015 – CAHRD hosted a ceremony honouring Aboriginal Veterans and invited community members, dignitaries, …

A Tribute to Our Heroes: Aboriginal Veterans Day (Peter Ittinuar)
ON gov, 2 years ago, 180 views
Peter Ittinuar, whose father was a veteran of the Canadian Rangers, shares his story for Aboriginal Veterans Day. — A descriptive …

4. First Nations Veterans: World Wide Web Links

Assembly of First Nations – News & Media
Nov 10, 2015 – 11/10/15 Assembly of First Nations National Chief Honours First Nations Veterans on Remembrance Day, will Participate in Ceremony at …

Message from Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs Grand Chief …
By: Derek Nepinak, Grand Chief. Updated: November 1, 2011. November 8 is Aboriginal Veterans Day, a time when we honour the brave men and women who …

5. Métis Veterans: World Wide Web Links

Métis Veterans
May 13, 2011 – Own Words. Calling. Home. Canadian Virtual War Memorial. Virtual Book of Remembrance. Veterans Support Services. Introduction Video …

Ongoing List – The Virtual Museum of Métis History and …
Dec 5, 2013 – Saskatchewan-Based Métis Soldiers Who Served in WWI, WWII and the Korean … Subject: Métis, Soldiers, Veterans, WWI, WWII, Korean War, …

Métis Veterans Return to Normandy : Juno Beach Centre
Apr 1, 2016 – On June 6, amongst the many Canadians who attended the ceremony, were two Métis veterans: Francis Godon, from Manitoba, who landed on …

Métis veterans honoured at last – Winnipeg Free Press
Nov 2, 2009 – Hundreds of Métis veterans were forgotten when they got home after serving in the Second World War… – Local – Winnipeg Free Press.

Métis Veterans » MNC Governance Portal Gateway
A list of video collections regarding Métis Veterans, Browse for more: No Longer Forgotten. Francis: the measure of a Métis man. Charlie: Métis, Hunter, Trapper, …

A Tribute to a heroic Métis veteran, Leo Goulet | Manitoba …
Apr 28, 2014 – The heroic contributions and self-sacrifices of Métis veterans and those who died at Juno Beach on DDay were finally recognized in 2009.

Métis Veterans – Awchimo, the interactive Métis Learning …
Prayer for Métis Veterans As Métis we are standing. We’ll bow our heads in prayer. God Bless those Métis Veterans who. Saw war and who fought there.

Honouring Our Veterans – Ottawa Life Magazine
Sep 21, 2015 – In the past, Métis veterans, like Métis fought in both World Wars, the Korean War and other conflicts such as Afghanistan, and have also served …

6. Inuit Veterans: World Wide Web Links

Eddy Weetaltuk: An Inuit veteran from the Korean War – Avataq
Nov 9, 2012 – As Remembrance Day approaches, we would like to say a few words about Eddy Weetaluktuk, who was an Inuit veteran from the Korean War.

First Nations, Inuit veterans, elders in Europe
Kemmel, Belgium (Nov 07/05) – A “unique journey” is underway in Europe as First Nations and Inuit spiritual leaders, veterans and youth gathered to bring home …

History – Aboriginal Veterans Autochtones
Aboriginal Veterans have also volunteered and served with Canada’s Allies. … Fact Sheet 13 – Aboriginal persons, especially Inuit, form a significant portion of …

Lest We Forget | Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami -…
Canada’s National Aboriginal Day Ceremony. We join all regions in paying tribute to our veterans, including Inuit veterans, and those currently serving in Canada and abroad.

The Alaska Territorial Guard (ATG), more commonly the Eskimo Scouts, was a military reserve force component… The ATG brought together for the first time into a joint effort members of these ethnic groups: Aleut, Athabaskan, White, Inupiaq, Haida, Tlingit, Tsimshian, Yupik, and most likely others.

For Further Reading: Links

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  5. The Canadian Encyclopaedia- Tommy Prince
  6. Aboriginal Canadians in the Second World War- Veterans Affairs Canada
  7. Aboriginal Veterans: Stories of Honour and Heroism
    (NOTE: This online PDF document has suggestions for an activity regarding “medals”)
  8. Aboriginal Veterans Autochthones
  9. New Medallions honour veterans on Aboriginal Veterans Day- CBC News
  10. National Defence- Aboriginal People in the Canadian Military: The World Wars