The Commemorative Event

A Commemorative Event was held on March 21st, 2016 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. At the event, students heard stories of Tommy Prince (MM) and other Indigenous veterans, such as Francis Pegahmagabow. The event was set up to allow students to meet Veterans and to talk about Indigenous veterans who served during World War I, World War II and the Korean War. The event premiered a Memorial video of Tommy Prince and interactive learning stations. Click here. On the guest tables were a series of discussion questions and guests were invited to write out responses. Many of our guests participated and displayed their understanding of Indigenous contributions during the wars, the military medals awarded to Indigenous veterans, and the outstanding heroism and bravery of Indigenous Veterans.

Respect for our Elders and Veterans was shown through the assistance of students who were asked to assist the Veterans in attendance, ensuring that they were well cared for and respected during the Event. Elder Norman Meade opened the event with a traditional welcome and prayer.

The Project

The primary goal of the ‘Honouring Indigenous Heroes: Tommy Prince Commemoration Project’ is to recognize the achievements of Tommy Prince through the Commemorative Event, the Video and Website and a long-term and sustainable exhibition of Tommy Prince memorabilia.

This recognition will help enable all Canadians to recognize the exceptional accomplishments of Tommy Prince, as well as the diverse contribution of the many Indigenous soldiers who fought in the defense of Canada and its values. The Commemorative Event honoured the heroism of Tommy Prince and other Indigenous veterans.

The ‘Honouring Indigenous Heroes: Tommy Prince Commemoration Project’ provides an important opportunity to bring together Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians in recognition and celebration of their shared history and values. The project celebrates the efforts that Tommy Prince made as a highly decorated soldier in the service of Canada. In this way, the project will work to foster understanding and community by building awareness between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in remembrance and celebration of the importance of Indigenous peoples in Canada’s history. This will be accomplished through the web-site that is accessible to all.

Filming and broadcasting the national memorial commemorative event on the Tommy Prince and Indigenous veterans websites provides a unique opportunity to discuss and display the shared history, values and struggles of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians. The websites serves as a platform for enhancing the knowledge of Indigenous peoples and the general public on the impact of Indigenous soldiers in the Canadian military.

This website provides an invaluable education experience by offering a comprehensive look at the history and impact of Indigenous peoples in the Canadian armed forces, using the story of Tommy Prince as its focal point. In this way, the website brings together disparate information on Indigenous veterans and, in particular, Tommy Prince, and presents it in a format and location which is accessible to Indigenous peoples and non-Indigenous people across Canada.