Honouring Indigenous Heroes

Tommy Prince Commemorative Project

Welcome to the ‘Honouring Indigenous Heroes: Tommy Prince Commemoration Project’

The goal of the ‘Honouring Indigenous Heroes: Tommy Prince Commemoration Project’ is to recognize the achievements of Tommy Prince and to create a long-term and sustainable exhibition of Tommy Prince memorabilia. This project recognizes the substantial contribution that Tommy Prince specifically, and Indigenous peoples in general, have made to the protection of Canada by fighting alongside non-Indigenous Canadian soldiers.

This Project provides an important opportunity to bring together Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians in recognize, learn, and celebrate their shared history and values through the struggle of Tommy Prince in the protection of Canada.

For Canada, the World Wars and Korean conflict created times of extraordinary cooperation, understanding and trust. Indigenous people fought alongside many other remarkable Canadian service men and women in theatres of war far from home soil. Our hope is that this website will deepen the understanding of Tommy Prince (MM) and the contributions of Indigenous veterans from across Canada, and to tell how Indigenous and non-Indigenous soldiers served together to protect Canadian rights and freedoms.